Sunday, February 26, 2006

Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

"She walked into the room-
On the arm of my best friend.
I knew whatever happened-
our friendship would end."- Sting

Finished her up last night. Think I may try
three more like this and frame 'em.
This piece was really inspired by an L.A.
painter named Audrey Kawasaki. I can't touch
her with a ten foot paint brush, but her work
is so hauntingly beautiful that it inspired
this pale mimicry. Check her site out for
some REAL artwork.

I'll leave this up for awhile...Hope you enjoy it.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

In Progress...

Here's something still in the works.
Maybe I'll finish before Sunday.
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

D.W.S. (Daddies With Shotguns)

"Yes McKenna?"
"When can I be President?"
(stunned silence.)

We got a haircut this weekend. (KennaSketch 2/23)
and while I was worried about her having some initial
hair shock, she's actually quite confident in her new 'do.
So much so, that I'm starting to worry....I'm inventing these
scenarios that may occur within the next decade... where I
gotta invite some future yackoff who wants to take my daughter
to a movie into my house for interrogation.
I'll have the Reservoir Dogs "cut the cop's ear off"
torture scene que'ed up on the dvd, and have him sit in the
t.v. room with me while I ask him questions. Let 'em sweat it out, ya know?
I happen to be part of a group of artists at my job who all have daughters,
and they'd started this new membership club called
"Daddies With Shotguns" and I'm seriously thinking helping charter it with them.
I guess Pop's who bust their daughter's date's balls is a time-honored
tradition in this country, and if I don't do it that would be sending
a wrong message to the terrorists!
Lord knows my Old Man gave my sister's husbands their share...Now HE
was a friggin artist! He could make 'em sweat! He asked my (future wife)
girlfriend the first day I brought her over the house if she wanted to take
a shower with him to help conserve water!
My love (god bless her) called him on it, said-
"Allright! Where's the bathroom?"
And I knew he approved of her right then.

"So what time did you say you'll have my daughter home by?"

I love my lil' tadpole.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Big Pimpin'

"He who does not feel me
is not real to me;
therefore he doesn't exist-
so poof! Vamoose sonuvabitch!"
- Shawn Carter

i loosely started this doodle of Jay-Z the other night and
what began as a lazy contour drawing ended up looking
like a finished was a batlle though....
i was gonna try and hold off posting another day,
but there's just too much good shit being posted by my peers
that i'm feeling rather inspired...
(besides, wouldn't you rather see jay z's face
at the top of the blog or my prior sketch of johnny blowdrier?)
i'll try and throw something colorful up before the weekend-
stay chilly-

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Last Thirty Three Days

"-and your momentos will turn to dust
but that's the price you pay
for every year is a souvenir
that slowly fades away." - Billy Joel
(everyone who knows me knew a B.J. quote
was not only inevitable, but at this point, overdue.)

hey! today marks one month blogging for FrogDaddy Ink!
(throws confetti over keyboard.) i did a little census
of my blogs and noted i had a total of 24 posts in
a 33 day period! not bad!
i am however going to try in the immediate future
to go more for quality over quantity....maybe actually
finishing a sketch here & there, and applying more
use of color, so while it won't be as daily, it will definitely
be more interesting visually and more lyrically dynamic.
(at least in the rap department....)

thanks to all art lovers for welcoming me
into this nurturing community!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Free to the Flow (Pt. 1)

Frogdaddy Ink..... creepin'
while you're sleepin'-
multi-bloggin on a weekend-
thru my sketchbook you be leafin'-
don't be stealin my posts-no theivin'
like steve perry sang-"don't stop believin"...
in yourself-
cause i'm not about boastin- (say what? say what?)
would rather be toastin- (say what? say what?)
all the artists east to west coastin- (say what? say what?)
one day i'll be triple postin'- (say what?!!!)
then like patrick swayze I'm ghostin'....

i ain't no hollaback frog!


Friday, February 17, 2006

No Cure for Cancer (Yet.)

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother."- Abraham Lincoln
"A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest."- Irish Proverb

I painted "Brickhead" back in 1992. My mother was coming off of massive chemotherapy from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in an artery in her neck.
She had smoked most of her adult life as was the fashion for young peoples in the 50's. Smoked through all 11 pregnancies and smoked at the dinner table... it seemed so normal growing up that I never realized that it was the danger that surgeon generals are now required to paste all over the product in huge, warning, bold-faced type. Why anyone would want to smoke cigarettes at all these days is a mystery to me. Anyway she quit cold turkey when she was first diagnosed in '85, but had gone through various stages of it flaring up and migrating to different areas of her body and you could see it just physically wear her down.
This is the strongest woman in the world to me, and I think the painting was just a response to this horrible habit that held her for so long.
Anyways, two years after this painting,
she had to have a tracheotomy- which is basically the removal of the voice box, and she had to speak with this electronic microphone that projects she sound from the vibrations of the larynx.
which make her sound like E.T. a bit, but my daughter loves it.
She had a brain tumor removed just two summers ago and so far, thank God,
she's been battling on and surviving and appreciating every day she gets.
Did I mention she's the strongest woman in the world?
(I'm not even going to go into the 11 children- that's a whole 'nother blog)
So, giving cancer a point for stealing her voice, I still score this series as:

Mom - 4
Cancer - 1

Mom wins series!
Fuck you Cancer.
Hope science figures you out soon. Punk ass.

I love you mom-

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will Blog for Food....

KennaSketch 2/15....
drew this coming home on the train tonight...i was sitting next to a...(ahem!)
larger woman who kind of monopolized 15% of my seat with her left arm....
now i know i'm no string bean myself, but i was trying to sketch dammit!
so i realized at one point that because she was leaning into me,
i ended up drawing my girl on a slant....her face looks a little contorted to me,
stretched out like a saturday night live skit, and i was reluctant to post,
but since i'm now taking hooked on blogging pills-
what can i do?
wednesdays are normally reserved for "LOST"!
this was supposed to be a night off! dammit!
gonna hop back to the evangeline lillypad for some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's
(P.S. no large woman were harmed or hated on in the writing of this blog.
we love you just the way you are.)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Everyday's the 14th!

"change your heart...look around you...
change your will astound you...
and I need your lovin' the sunshine....
but everybody's gotta learn sometimes"... beck

Valentines Day. what a motherfucker.
what hallmark-manufactured bullshit!
what 1 800 FLOWERS-sponsored poppycock!
i read that in Japan, women have to buy the
MEN chocolate on this day (and more than a few of them are fed up with it!)
who needs it? who needs a specific day to tell your sig/other you love them?
you should be telling 'em everyday! and not in that peck on the lips "love u"
you give em before you go to work....i'm talking full-bodied tongue baths!
YES! TESTIFY! can i get a what? what?
everyone i work with asked me what i got my wife for valentines' day,
and i told em all the same thing...nuthin'.
no candies.
no flowers.
no heart-shaped balloons...
i've done it all for years and i kept trying to outdo the last gift
which is always a dangerous habit...and she tells me she's o.k.
with keeping it simple, so this year it's nuthin'....

so i'll be sleeping on the couch tonight...

This Valentines' Day couch crawl is brought to you by 1 800 FLOWERS.


P.S.- fresh KennaSketch! we had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow Day

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Modern World

"i'm in love with the U.S.A. yeah-
I'm in love with the Modern World, man-
Put down your cigarettes- and drop outta high school...alright..."-
Johnathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

As I posted previously, here's my take on an Egon Schiele drawing circa 1910...
prolly gonna take the week-end off...we're expecting 12 inches of snow in
the garden state...i think there's a snowman in my immediate future!
( i wish a snowblower was.... stupid corner property!)
be back monday folks...drink lots of swiss miss and get outside!
(you're looking a little pasty these days!)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Isn't That Right, Mr. Poopypants?"

newest latest: KennaSketch!
we're reading a book tonight for storytime called "The Giant Jellybean Jar"
that was signed by the artist when she visited their kindergarten Wednesday.
There's a part of the story where the young boy's older sister shares her jellybeans
with her little brother. "Wow. McKenna...that was a nice thing for an older sister to do."
"Yeah Dad...she showed caring, sharing, and trustworthiness.: (I guess these are kindergarten
buzzwords at the moment...) "Hey, do you think if your mom and I ever gave you a little brother
that you could share things with him like that?".......she waits a beat....then says...
"Yeah! If he doesn't POOP all over me!"
the joys of fatherhood.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

10 a.m. Automatic

"What about the night- makes you change-
Oh from deranged?" - The Black Keys

i was doodling my daughter on a grocery list and my wife thought
it was worth saving so i figured it's worth posting...the style reminds
me of Rick Geary, a comic book illustrator who i got to meet
through my college mentor may be the way i want to
approach the look of this still percolating "book" i've yet to draw...
G'night & G'luck-

Monday, February 06, 2006

Quiet Is The New Loud

"I hate Mondays."- my six year old before walking into kindergarten last week.

I used to be in a rock band. a couple actually. bass player. i was o.k.
we'd play these small ny clubs in the east village like arlene's grocery
and invite our work friends out and it was a blast...we had a democratic
singing process where you get to sing the song you wrote, since I'd always
played other people's music, it was quite a challenge for me to actually
write my own. here's one i wrote-"resignation" -which i performed in front
of my work crew one night. they thought i was referring to quitting my job
and gave me quite an ovation when it was over... truthfully though, the song's
about my fear of when i heard the ovation, i freaked out
and ran out of the club crying like Prince did at the end of Purple Rain....
o.k. i made that last part up.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tear You Apart

"You cry out in your sleep - all my failings expose
There's a taste in my mouth, as desperation takes hold
Just that something so good just can't function no more
When love, love will tear us apart again --" Joy Division
just purchased this new album from a band called "She Wants Revenge"
when i heard the single "Tear You Apart" on the radio, i was thinking, "wow this is pretty
poppy for interpol..." but the dj never announced who it was-which annoys the hell outta
me....i had to hear this bloody song three times(!) before i finally heard it this morning on the
way to the bagel store..i sat in the car till the goddam song ended and when the dude finally
dropped the band name- i said (out loud, to nobody) THANK YOU! anyway it's sounds
like an unreleased 80's joy division disc and so far i'm enjoying it....but there's been such a
dearth of good music out there lately, that i'll jump at anything that sounds left of center...
or like interpol.
here's a piece from the early 90's (my F.I.T. days) i drew this pre-computer,
and measured everyone of these circles till my eye was as lazy as
colin hay.(it's an 80's themed blog!) it's called "confessional"

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sketchbook Part Deux

It's been about 20 hours since my last post, so it must be time for
a new KennaSketch! i don't particularly like how this one came along,
but I kinda like the idea of the gaps in her mouth
where her new teeth are forming giving her a jack-o-lantern
my Superbowl prediction is:
Steelers 31, Seahawks 17

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm Brendan...What's Your Name?

"The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you."- Brendan Behan
here's a study of the great Irish playwright Brendan Behan. i was commissioned out of college to paint a portrait of
Behan by an Irish Bartender who owned the local pub i frequented.(lived in) i actually drew this study in that bar and after
having one too many, showed to the barkeep to get his approval, folded it in half and tucked it in my pocket...
when i realized the next day that it wasn't a half bad effort, considering the environment it was produced from, i was sorta
pissed i folded it...i actually like this sketch more than the painting....which still might be hanging by the bar in Molly's
on 3rd avenue in NYC....cheers!