Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tell It Like It Is

"When I am older than
These small goddamned hills
And there's no reason for
My mind to be still-

Oh, How I'll feel like a beautiful child-
Such a beautiful child again...."- Rufus Wainwright

A recent conversation-

"Dad- Do you have to draw me with the eyepatch on? It's embarrassing."

"I don't think it's as bad as you make it out, Kenna...It's a cute picture of you."

"Can't you?... You know.... just PhotoShop my eye in there without the patch?"

"It's not that easy to do McKenna..."

"Gimme a break Dad, you draw me everyday...."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Save a Prayer

This is McKenna describing her Easter Sunday in a phone
conversation with her Grandmother this morning:
"Yeah! And then the Easter Bunny gave me a HUGE pink rabbit Grandma,
but you know what? He ALMOST DIDN'T COME AT ALL, because Daddy
was up all night PLAYING HIS XBOX VIDEO GAMES!!!"
What can I say to that?
Jeez Louise! Whatta Narc!

Here's a rare pose of Mother and Daughter...I rarely draw Michele because
I end up choking like A-Rod with runners on trying to get her likeness.
I missed the mark here as well, but fairplay for trying, huh?
Michele's having a delicate surgical procedure performed next month and the
recovery from the operation's supposed to be a real bitch, so think a good thought
for her, willya? I'll be spending a couple of days at home with her while she convalesces,
and then her mom will arrive like the cavalry to help me take care of her through the week.
I'll keep you all posted-


P.S.- I finally got around to seeing the movie "Once" (which Jason Q. recommended to
me in a post from about a half a year ago) and it's a lovely little film. If you're a lover of music
and how it connects you to other people, you should definitely take it in.
The soundtrack, which quietly stole the "Best Song" Academy Award from the Disney/Alan Menken powerhouse-
"Enchanted", (which had three songs from it's soundtrack
nominated competing as well) is on extended play for me these days.