Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let the Healing Begin!

"Cause this is what you've waited for
A Chance to even up the score
And as these shadows fall on me now
I will somehow

Cause I'm picking up a message Lord
And I'm closer than I've ever been before

So if you have something to say
Say it to me now" - Glen Hansard

Welcome back!
I'm thrilled to report that my wife is recovering nicely
from her surgery. She had her thyroid removed last Monday,
because a non-cancerous tumor had grown to the size of
a small orange and was wrapped around her windpipe-
causing all sorts of breathing difficulties. It had to go.
It was a long day in the hospital. You know the drill
with surgery- no eating or liquids 12 hours prior-
and she was scheduled to go at 1:00.
We didn't see her doctor until 3:00- by that time, my poor girl
was exhausted with a massive hunger/caffeine headache...
I didn't get to see her again till about 6:00 p.m. and it was a quick
15 minute visit in the I.C.U. where she kept coming in and
out of consciousness and she was experiencing some
awful post-anesthesia nausea. (She had experienced the
same thing after McKenna was born) It was awful to see her in
such pain. If you think vomiting sucks, try it after getting a 3 inch
hole cut into your throat. Um...that was kind of macabre...sorry.
Her mom was at our house watching McKenna and I told her
I'd call her as soon as the surgery was over.
I call her and as soon as she answers, my voice catches and I'm done.
I can't even get the words out...the stress of it the entire day punches me
right in the neck and I spend about 10 minutes trying to compose myself
enough to explain to my very patient mother-in-law the status of her daughter's
well-being. Michele didn't come out of I.C.U till about 11:00...
Longest. Day. Ever.
We went home the next day and her mother (who also happens
to be a Head Nurse-could I be any luckier?) spent the rest of the week
with us, which put me in a world of ease. (I can not thank you enough Terry!)
'Chele had her stitches removed yesterday, and she's loving the fact that
her voice didn't change at all and she's rocking some fine scarves when we
go out now...My wife...tough cookie...
So the worst being over, we can get back on the road to recovery...
I'd like to thank everyone for their well-wishes and prayers during this time...


P.S.- I know, a wordy post, but I have a story about the dog sketch...
About a week and a half ago, a designer I work with asked me to draw a picture
of a dog for her assistant who's birthday was coming up.
I figured, "Why Not? I could use the practice as I rarely get to draw animals."
so she gives me the photo and tells me that her assistant absolutely loves her dog-
"Miss Little Sparkles", and it would be cool to include the
dog's name on the card as well...I think to myself- "Now THAT'S a strange name..."
Later on that week I ask the designer if she might've gotten her name switched up...
maybe it's "Little Miss Sparkles...you know, like Little Miss Sunshine"?- I kinda want to
make sure if we're putting her name on the card, you know?
The designer thought it over and said- "I think it's "Miss Little Sparkles..."
but she said it with a sort of certainty...the next day, (just to be safe),
I asked another designer who sat next to the assistant to confirm the name
and she told me that her name was definitely "Little Miss Sparkles"...whew!
So I draw her a puppy and after ALL this, the assistant was let go last Wednesday (!)
Oh No! The designers never got to give her the card! I hope she liked it...
Jeez! Whatta friggin' week!
Gimme a drink!