Sunday, July 19, 2009

Borrowed Time

"Counting stars and passing cars
on the Interstate.
The end is near...I feel it dear,
but I'm not afraid.

Step...Step right over the line...
and onto borrowed time." - A Fine Frenzy

Wow. The Prodigal Son returns... It's been awhile...
I apologize to anyone who still frequents this site.
It's been close to half a year since my last post.
I blame Bettie Page. (Seriously...I didn't want to
throw anything new up till I finished her, and I just never
did..sorry to my fellow bloggers, who all produced amazing
work out of that challenge.) I will post my half-finished
rendering I started just so you know that I tried...

I'll follow that with some more McKenna sketches
drawn over the last half year...I'm going through
a lot of personal things this year, and the desire to
draw has been diminished somewhat...I'm hoping
to find that spark again, and bring it back to the
blog. Stay tuned...