Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Steady as She Goes

Find yourself a girl-
and settle down.
Live a simple life-
In a quiet town.
Steady as she goes. - The Raconteurs

When that new Raconteurs album finally drops, I'm a gonna be
one happy lad...I mean Brendan Benson & Jack White?
It's like a power pop cream dream! Their latest single-
"Steady as She Goes" is totally resonating with me right now...
I've been kinda stuck in neutral at my job-kind of a holding pattern
of going nowhere. Steady as She Goes.....
Here's a Kenna Sketch with some smoke n mirror colored pencils
to cover up yet another slightly-off kilter portrait....
Steady as She Goes.....

Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's Not Fully Operational Yet...

This wanted to be a portrait of sadsack actor Paul Giamatti ("Sideways")
but instead ended up looking like a busted pre-D.U.I. Billy Joel circa
1982's "Nylon Curtain"....oh well, still drawing through the drought-
still looking for my mojo...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

"He Stole My Mojo!"

"I'm a junkyard, full of false starts-
and I don't need your permission."- Elliott Smith

True story.
I'm riding the train about a two weeks ago and drawing what I'm sure will be the first of many KennaSketches for da 'Ink when I notice just out of my right eye peripheral,
there's someone sketching me! I take a quickpeek to catch him in the act, and sure enough- he did the quicklookdown that all artists do when they get busted by their subject matter....
While I was kinda flattered, it sorta pissed me off, cause it took a lot of my focus off of what started out being a decent KennaSketch. It got in my head that I was posing for him instead of sketching for me and I ended up with something I wouldn't consider postworthy.
Since it's part of the story though, I'll post it....

Then something strange happened.
I had an 8 day run of incomplete, half-hearted, non-finished sketches none of which I felt like posting either, but I hadn't posted in a bit and Eric from MindBloggingTypos was starting a boycott in my comment box until I posted something new.
Here they are...under extreme duress, I might add...

Why couldn't I finish something? Why wasn't I liking any of it?
Who put the Bop in the Bop Shoo Bop Shoo Bop?
Was I getting burnt out?
Did Jesse throw some Domincan Voodoo at me for swiping his Van Halen post?
What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on around here?
Then it hit me like a ton of brickshithouses.
That fucker took my Mojo!
That rat bastard who was sketching me on the train somehow took my skills
that partially pay the bills! Whatta jagoff! How could he?
How am I gonna get 'em back?
How am I gonna get right again?
I feel like rocking back and forth like Nancy Kerrigan
after she got lowjacked in the kneecap, tears streaming down my face-

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Van Halen Still Rocks!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting folks, but I've had my hands full
and the baby's been under the weather. I figured in the meantime
I'll post something old but dear to me. This is a photo of Eddie Van Halen
right before he brainfarted and started playing the keyboards. ( I loved
them but never got to see them live...don't know why). What the hell was
he thinking? I mean, the guy didn't suck but, it's just that he's such a freakin' monster on guitar, you really don't see him doing anything else. Anyway this was a pen & ink illustration project for school where the focus was mainly on the face and hands and i decided to reproduce it in Rapidograph pen (remember those, kids?) and Letraset fonts. That's right- I rubbed each letter of type onto that page by hand!
I painted and taped the frame to echo the design of Eddie's guitar.
I'll probably redo it in Illustrator one of these days 'cause I think it's such
a cool drawing. But I love the rawness and the discipline I had back then for detail...still do. Hope you guys enjoy it...for the next two months!
Later, dudes!