Monday, November 12, 2007

I Know Whatcha Trying To Say

I can only apologize for the lack of posts lately...
I could blame the inactivity on having to set up my brand new MacPro,
but that would sound like I'm showin off or something...
I'm going full tilt from now till Christmas and in between have to celebrate
McKenna's, Michele's and my own birthday! ("40 is the new 20...40 is the new 20")
I'll try and get something up, but it'll be an effort....
I also wanna give the Ink a reboot...make it more than just sketches of my kid,
but those delusions of grandeur will have to wait till next year...
Anyways...three weeks later, here's a picture of me as "Jermaine" from
HBO's "Flight of the Conchords" at my office's annual Halloween Party.
It was originally going to be a Talent Show/Costume Party...and a friend
and I were going to perform "Business Time" true Conchords spirit,
we brought our acoustic guitars to work and practiced on our lunch break
in some pissed out alleyway in SoHo....We had it down! We were gonna nail it!
They were gonna eat it up! Who likes to rock the party?
Then the weekend before we were supposed to perform it, I went out with some guys for
my best friend's birthday and I was discussing the upcoming talent show...
We go back to my boy's crib and he YouTube's the "Business Time" video
(Here's where you discover that I have no blog savvy and can't link the video to this site
myself because I'm retarded. Here's the link if you'd like to see it-)
Anyway, after watching it with the lads (all of whom are in pretty corporate environment
type gigs - an architect, an interior designer, an IT guy) told me that it was pretty risque
to perform a song like that at your job, which totally got me thinking and worrying...
Granted I work for a corporate company, but it's a more relaxed form of corporate-
"All it takes is one person to get bent out of shape about it...." is what they were telling me.
So do I perform it? Is it worth risking your job over? I went in Monday totally stressed...
So after all that, what happens?
They cancelled the talent show...not enough people signed up to perform...
The costume party was fantastic! I work with some very creative people-
I went as Jermaine anyways, right down to my Business Socks,
and everyone there thought I was Dwight from "The Office"
but I knew what they were trying to say...
They were trying to say, "Oh Yeahhh...It's Business Time...."