Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mid Terms

"The only thing important about art is how it affects people.
It only needs to affect one person to be interesting.
But it has to affect many people to be important."-Chuck Klosterman

Last year I drew a quick one page cartoon revolving an altercation
I had in a deli in NY. It was really well-received and some even
suggested I make it a regular feature here at FrogDaddy Ink.
Well here is the first (but not the last, I hope) of a series of some
caught moments that I'd like to storyboard...My comic book storytelling skills are on no par with my contemporaries on the links pages to the right, but I figure it'll be a good way to practice a new look,and shake up the blog a bit...there's only so many drawings of my girl I can do before the site just starts to look the same ole, same ole...More to come...

P.S.- We got our mid term 1st grade report card back and to quote her teacher:
"McKenna is a bright and imaginative student. She can comprehend just about any word she comes into contact with! Those stories are starting to show in her writing-her ideas are often times so big it is sometimes difficult for her to write them out. She is a joy to work with."
Ain't that cool? I'm so proud of her!
She saw the cartoon I was working on an felt like setting the story up because I didn't explain to the reader where we were going in the car, so below is her prequel to the above cartoon...