Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Century Mark

"How can I make new again-
What rusts every time it rains?
And the rain it comes and floods our lungs-
We're just orphans in a tidal wave's wake." - Beck

This is officially my 100th post! Yes!
Now FrogDaddy Ink can officially go into syndication!
I'm poking my head out of the sands of the Jersey Shore
to post this lil' sketch of my lil' lovely. I'm really happy with the
way it turned out. I drew it on the way back from a business
trip to L.A. last week, so there's a little more love in this one
than your average 45 minute train ride Kenna Sketch.
Summer's nearly over already! I'm blown away by how fast these
seasons roll on by (cue: Chris Cornell acoustic guitar)
My girl's starting third grade (!) at the end of the month, and when I look
back at some of these old posts, I see there's no baby left in her anymore.
She's a full-grown Jo Bros. lovin', Myley Cyrus singin', Disney Channel
watchin' tween! She's an excellent kid, honestly...I'm quite a lucky dad...
She's really hoping she gets Miss Sheehan as a teacher,
and since she had a real ball buster for second grade last year,
(an hour and a half of homework each night?! In second grade?? Please...)
She deserves a nice one this year...I'll letcha know how it goes...
Enjoy your August!
See you in September-