Monday, March 26, 2007

Renaissance Man

"Some things look better inside of the store."- Peter Bjorn and John

Say hey! I'm almost postin' weekly now! I'm on a good run...
I'm currently reading "The Beach" by Alex Garland- which is
loads better than the Leonardo DeCraprio movie adaptation...
so I'm feeding the head- I'm running with a sense of impending
40 year old urgency on the treadmill so I'm moving the body-
and I'm trying to draw on the train rides home so I'm feeding the
soul...I guess I'm also working my ass off at the 9 to 5 too, so I'm
feeding my family as I said....I'm on a good run....
Here's a KennaSketch...sometimes a girl needs to rock sunglasses
while she's on the swings.....

One week till Opening Day!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Pipes, The Pipes Are Callin'....

"Escape is on your mind again- a faraway land.
Sometimes it seems there is no end-
to long, hard nights of drinkin'..."- Crowded House

Back so soon? I wanted to throw a post up before St. Patrick's
but spent the weekend with family and never got around to it.
Don't regret it though, because I got to spend an excellent Sunday
with my four brothers and their wives (a rarity these days, unfortunately...)
my folks (ditto), and my sister Kathleen, who I adore. We had
a St. Patty's brunch in Greenpoint, Brooklyn complete with corned beef,
cabbage & potatoes (an Irish delicacy).
Once upon a time, when we still lived in Chelsea- my entire family
would come in from every borough on St. Patty's day and we'd
totally celebrate the day-and not as a reason to get shit-faced, either.
My mom would dye any T-shirt we had green, we'd dance to the Dubliners,
and watch "The Quiet Man"...Sunday brought back a lot of those memories...

Here's a new KennaSketch- it's been awhile- I forgot how much I missed drawing her...
she came to my job on Friday when her school closed due to a freak blizzard...
I asked her to show my designers the "Hard Knock Life" skit she performed at her school talent show and, holy crap! she busted out singing and dancing right there!
I didn't have to twist her arm or anything!
The department behind ours got up to watch the commotion and pretty soon she had a crowd!
They burst into applause when she was done and the artist behind me says-
"There's no shy in her!"
Where does she get her balls?
I could've never summoned the nerve to do something like that at seven years old!
God Bless!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ricci Girl

Hey Ya!
Daddy's back with a Cheapie Charlie Special-
I wouldn't consider this post-worthy, but once again,
I'm working on a mammoth personal project and have
let the ol' blog slide again....Why must the innocent suffer???
This so wanted to be a portrait of bobblehead actress
Christina Ricci- currently appearing in chained bondage
at a subway station movie poster near you...The pic I drew
it from was a sweet study - high contrast- with a focus on the eyes,
nose, and bow-lipped mouth....But unfortunately, my sketch
looks NOTHING like the photo I took it from...She looks more
like the love child of Winona Rider and Christina Applegate...
so, not the most successful of attempts-to say the least....
I didn't even capture her 52 inch forehead, ferchrissakes!
what can I say? it's better'n nuthin, i guess.....
be back soon with better representation i hopes....