Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Owe Me an I.O.U.

I know, I know....I'm late with my promised Bettie Page tribute post....
Most of my fellow bloggers have already posted's en route,
I promise...I've been drawing so much at work lately, that I've been giving
my wrists a rest on the train rides home. But here's a quick holdover, till
I'm able to better flesh out my Bettie sketch....
It's (who else?) my girl in her fly DKNY parka...she seems as over this cold
weather as I am..."Spring's just around the corner," as Frog said to Toad...
I had also meant to post my 2008 Music Playlist which always seems to
bring out comparative selections from my mates...Please feel free to post your
own top ten or anything else your listening to currently that's rocking your socks off.

The FrogDaddy 2008 Playlist

1) Time To Pretend- MGMT
2) Paper Planes- M.I.A.
3) Take Back The City- Snow Patrol
4) Attention- The Raconteurs
5) Chemtrails- Beck
6) I'm Outta Time- Oasis
7) Gallery Piece- Of Montreal
8) A-Punk- Vampire Weekend
9) Churches Under The Stairs- Brendan Canning
10) You Don't Know Me- Ben Folds (featuring Regina Spektor)