Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Together We Can Rule The Galaxy

"You came here in THAT thing? You're braver than I thought"- Princess Leia

Happy Halloween, Ladies!
Here are some pics of my little rebel. Ain't she badass?
I think by the end of the night, she was not feeling as glamorous as
some of the other princesses on the block and she started getting
down on her costume. I did what I could to reassure her that
she had the coolest costume in the galaxy, but how can you compete with
"Goth Fairy Princess"? (What the fuck is that by the way?)
Seeing 8 year olds dressing like Siouxsie & the Banshees with
Butterfly Wings is whose idea of an age-appropriate costume?
You got 8 more years before you should be looking like that!
Christ, I'm getting old! I sound like my friggin' father!
I gave her the cold hard facts:
Is your bag filled to the gills with candy? Yes.
Mission Accomplished.
All I got was a rock.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Girl Dreams

You're just the girl of my dreams but it seems
My dreams never come true
You're just the girl of my dreams but it seems
My dreams never come true

I first met you down on lover's lane
The birds were insane
Flapping all about
Softly you would sing
Swinging in your swing
It wasn't night it wasn't day


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Think I'm In Love

"Take a little picture in a photobooth
Keep it in a locket and I think of you
Both of our pictures, face to face
Take off your necklace and throw it away

I think I'm in love
But it makes me kinda nervous to say so"- Beck

Wake it, Shake it, Mony Mony!
The latest KennaSketch-(What IS she looking at?)
I sat next to a freelancer at work for a couple of days.
We got to talking art and artists and had a lot of common
heroes. She told me she once took an intensive months-long
apprenticeship with this Master Artist.
She told me they'd draw for 12-13 hours a day.
For some reason, I followed this conversation by producing my sketchbook-
30 drawings of my soon to be seven (Whoa!) year old daughter.
I wanted to know what she thought of it.
She pretty much raked me over the coals.
"This looks labored...This is completely overworked....
This one doesn't feel alive to me....You're not really looking here..."
She pointed to a false-started prelim drawing that was literally four or five lines and says-
"THIS is alive! Now THIS is great design."
At first, I felt-"What a refreshingly honest opinion, for once!"
But lately, since that conversation-
I've felt pretty gun-shy about picking up the book
Here's hoping I'm not boring anyone else out there.


P.S.- What a year for Music, right? Beck's- "The Information", Sean Lennon's- "Friendly Fire" Keane's- "Under The Iron Sea", Easy Star All-Star's- "Radiodread" ( A Reggae Version of Radiohead's "OK Computer? Hooray Beer!") The Raconteurs- "Broken Boy Soldiers"...just about anything involving DangerMouse....
My ears have never been happier!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Let the Wookie Win

"Love is like an aeroplane-
You jump and then you pray-
the lucky ones remain."- Sean Lennon

Man I'm a blog slag....so busy my head hurts....
I'd like to promise more frequent posts,
but I'd also like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony too.
Some random soundbites from the past month-
courtesy of (who else?) McKenna:

(to me and michele while discussing her behavior before a dinner party)
"You Guys, Relax! I got everything under control!"

(to me one night at the mirror in the bathroom)
Me: Hey! look at that loose tooth you got there!
McKenna: Dad! It's not a loose tooth-it's a looser tooth!
Me: What's the difference between a loose tooth and a looser tooth?
McKenna: A looser tooth will get me tooth fairy coins, a loose tooth is just
a little wiggle.

And here's the quote with a wraparound story:
She wants to be Princess Leia for Halloween this year. This is the first non-
Disney character Halloween ever. I mean- she's still gonna be a princess;
just one that is equipped with a blaster.
I was so jazzed ordering the costume (it's got the danish rolls wig and everything)
that I checked out some adult size costumes to see if we could double date this year.
I noticed they had this badass Chewbacca costume that was cut from
the original molds at Luca$films. It looked just like Chewie!
Real fur and everything!
It was awesome!
It was four hundred and twenty four dollars.
Let's check out ebay.
Wait! What's this? the same costume for what (at the time) seemed like a very reasonable $250.
Michele was already conked out for the night so this would have to be an executive decision.
Do I really drop two fiddy on a Chewbacca costume? I'm gonna hafta wear this thing for the next
ten Hallloweens! Shit, this may be my winter jacket this season!
I read the description again.
"Authentic Chewbacca Costume.
Real Replica Official Star Wars Costume. Supreme Edition"
Supreme Edition?
Aw man! What did I just do?
I wake up the next morning and Michele asks-
"Did you order the Leia costume?"
"Um....Yeah and....I also, ......um...nevermind."
I'm so screwed.
I write her an email when I get to work cause I'm too chickenshit to call her and tell her about my impulsive idiocy.
Chele- god bless her- was awesome about it....Her take on it was like-
"Think of how cool the pictures are gonna be!"
So what happens? I got outbid over the weekend for a final tally of $305
Even my impulses have their limits.
Michele picks me up a consolation prize Darth Vader mask from Target
(which, she points out, makes sense as Vader is Leia's dad, too- I truly married the perfect woman.)
Here's the quote: (at last!)
After she found out about the Chewie loss-McKenna jumps in my lap- pulls the Vader mask over my face,
looks into my black souless,reflective eyes, and says reassuringly-
"Daddy- even though you're Lord Vader and you're the evil bad guy, you're still my Dad and I love you."

The force is strong with this one.