Monday, June 26, 2006

Was Up?

'ello 'ello, Lads & Lasses!
FrogDaddy here with what has become a weekly (very weakly) posting.
But until I settle in at the new digs, this'll hafta doodlely-do, neighbor.
I took some pics at the park on Father's Day and really was sort of directing
McKenna for some new looks. I always find a portrait where the model is looking up to be a challenge, just because the way the face planes out and all the traditional shapes of the face go here she is searching the skies for Pedro, her pet Dragon.
I'll be back after July 4th weekend hopefully chock fulla KennaSketches.
Keep it real Internet-

Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Father's Day

"Never raise your hand to your kids.
It leaves your groin unprotected."- Red Buttons

I've had six Father's Days now, and it has been awesome.
But, no matter how mad a day I have at work-
No matter how much I wonder-
"How am I gonna make ends meet?"
No matter how much my girl can test my patience-
Now matter how hard I think my life is or will be...
I stop and think-
Did you marry your girlfriend at the age of 20?
Have your first child at the age of 21?
Have your ELEVENTH child at the age of 45?
Have you ever worked two jobs and still found time for night classes at college?
Could you put those eleven children through Catholic Schools?
Could you raise them right?
Could you run the New York Marathon at the age of fifty?
Could you stay in love and married to the same woman for over 50 years?
(Um, actually- I'd better say "Yes!" to that one!)
What I'm trying to say Dad-
Is Thank You.
I Love You